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Vetpro Lysine-T

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AMINO ACID SUPPLEMENT – Unlock the Protein in the diet.

Vetpro Lysine-T contains the essential amino acids Lysine and Threonine. Scientific research has shown that young horses show improved growth, and older horses can show improved muscle mass, plus horses in work (particularly low carbohydrate/high fat/low forage diets) benefit from Lysine and Threonine supplementation.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The quality of protein is determined by its amino acid composition – it is the quality of the protein in the diet that regulates how well the horse grows and functions. Protein is in every cell in the body, muscles, tendons, organs, glands, hooves and hair.

The amino acids that must be supplied in the horses’ diet everyday are called essential amino acids. Lysine is the first limiting amino acids and Threonine is the second. A limiting amino acid is one that if not present, will prevent protein from being made, even if other amino acids are present in adequate quantities. Therefore protein quality can be improved (released) by supplementing with these two limiting amino acids.

Scientific studies on young horses have shown that supplementation with Lysine and Threonine optimized growth rates. Also fortification of the diet with Lysine and Threonine can allow the quantity of protein to be decreased while still promoting optimum growth.

Horses in work that have a tendency to overheat , blow and sweat excessively, often caused by high protein levels in the diet, can benefit by reducing the protein percentage in the feed and supplementing with Vetpro Lysine –T.

The current trend of feeding low carbohydrate diets, particularly when combined with controlled pasture access, may result in sub-optimal levels of Lysine and Threonine. This will mean that even if available protein is taken up, it will be limited in its ability to repair and rebuild cellular health.

Aged horses have difficulty in retaining muscle mass due to a reduced ability to digest protein combined with a declined activity level. Research has shown that supplying limiting amino acids can improve the protein status of the geriatric horse. A combination of supplementation with Vetpro Muscle–Max and Vetpro Lysine-T will provide the optimum opportunity for the older horse to retain condition and structural health.

Vetpro Lysine-T also contains a yeast culture and yeast extract to aid with palatability and digestibility. It also enhances the activity of fibre digesting bacteria which increases nutrient availability and absorption.

In summary where to use Vetpro Lysine-T:

In the young growing horse to maximise growth rates.

In the active horse used for moderate to heavy work.

In horses where the increase of protein may result in the horse blowing, overheating and producing high ammonia in the urine.

In the older horse to maintain its muscle mass, where increasing protein in the diet is often not appropriate due to digestibility being difficult in the aged horse.

Every 50gm dose delivers:
20gm Lysine
15gms Threonine
15gms yeast extract/culture

Dosage: The daily dose rate is 25gm for foals and yearlings and 50gm for mature and older horses (500 kg LWT).

Available Size: 1.5kg foil bags

The Science:
PM Graham, EA Ott, JH Brendemuhl and S H Tonbroeck – The effect of supplemental lysine and threonine on growth and development of yearlings

W B Staniar, DS kronfeld, J A Wilson, L A Lawrence, W L Cooper, P A Harris – Growth of thoroughbreds fed a low protein supplement fortified with lysine and threonine

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Vetpro Lysine-T