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Vetmax Insect Repellent Powder

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An effective and long lasting repellent for nuisance insects on poultry, ducks and caged birds.
No withholding period for meat or eggs.
It is a repellent that deters rather than kills the insect. (Not an insecticide)

What animals can it be used on:
Poultry, ducks, caged birds, horses, donkeys, minis, cows, alpacas, goats, sheep, pigs.

How long does it last?
This depends on the weather conditions but can stay on the animal for up to 7 days if kept dry.

Active ingredient:
P-Menthane - 3,8-diol 0.8%w/w

Apply an even spread of powder over the affected area on the animal and there bedding.

Usage amount:
5g to 10g covers an area 10cm X 15cm
    Vetmax Insect Repellent Powder