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Pro Plus Jockey Champion Helmet

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Champion Pro Plus Jockey Helmet is a Lightweight injection molded ABS shell.
Crown comfort padding in poly/satin finish with EPS lining in foam backed brush nylon.
Three point fully adjustable webbing harness for perfect stability.
Quick release buckle for ease of use.
Durable painted acrylic, sanded finish.

This Helmet conforms to the Yellow Taggable safety standards.
British PAS 015 2011
VG1 01.040 2014-12
British Kitemarked to PAS015 2011

Your helmet standards logo can be located inside the helmet on the crown liner, or under padding on EPS.

SIZE: 1 (54cm - 55cm), 1½ (55 - 56cm), 2 (56 - 57cm), 2½ (57 - 58cm), 3(58 - 59cm), 3½(59 - 60cm), 4(60 - 61cm), 4½(61 - 62cm), 5(62 - 63cm)
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Pro Plus Jockey Champion Helmet