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HERDD Animal Bedding

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Please note, we have a minimum order quantity of 12 bags. (1 pallet = 12 - 45 bags). We will contact you directly to advise shipping costs to your address

Approximate subsidized FLAT-RATE shipping per pallet:

  • Within the SOUTH Auckland region: $80

  • Within the CENTRAL / WEST / NORTH Auckland region: $107

  • Waikato: $107

  • Tauranga: $195

  • Rotorua: $195

  • Taupo: $195

Other regions: Contact us at for a rate

Herdd Bedding:

  • 100% untreated soft NZ pine - low dust, no bark or additives, natural & hygienic

  • Highly absorbent, hygroscopic properties - soak up urine with naturally occurring resins that assist in reducing ammonia odours

  • 100% compostable bag - put it in your manure pile or compost bin

  • Large bag size, less top-ups - convenient & over the long-run we reckon you’ll save time, effort & $$ (with less frequent top-ups)

  • HERDD bedding swells to multiples of its dry state (approx. 4x) - giving you more, long lasting bedding volume in each bag

  • Expect unsoiled bedding to last 12 months or more - with regular mucking out, you’ll have bedding that lasts & requires only once a fortnight top-ups (recommended, your preference may differ).

  • HERDD is suitable for horses and foals, and all farm animals, including calves, chickens, pigs, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and alpacas, plus many more. It is excellent for young or sickly stock as it is heat treated (relatively sterile vs. other options).

  • It’s also super handy at shows in yards, and in the float/truck to make cleaning up at your destination easy!

Not convinced? Here are some stats to show you how economical HERDD bedding can be*

  • 1 pallet = 45 x 22kg bags that will multiply in volume by up to 4x, with unsoiled bedding lasting 12 months or more

  • Providing 6 cubic metres of bedding (a stall without rubber flooring needs ~1.2 m3, with rubber ~1.0 m3)

1 pallet load will set up from empty:

  • 6 stalls, with 7 bags per stall (with rubber floors), with 3 bags left over for top-up; or

  • 5 stalls, with 9 bags per stall (without rubber)

1 pallet load will top-up:

  • 5 stalls for 18 weeks (1 bag per stall per fortnight) - about 5 months!

  • 2 stalls for 45 weeks (1 bag per stall per fortnight) - yes, almost a year!

*Based on recommended volumes for a standard sized (~15m3) stall & subject to your own preferences

Store HERDD in a dry place.

    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding
    HERDD Animal Bedding