Ambassador Victoria explains her horse rug routine & top picks

Ambassador Victoria explains her horse rug routine & top picks

Hey I’m Victoria! I’m lucky enough to have partnered with nztack for the last year, and I love their rugs. You can find me over at @victoriaboot_nz.

Top horse cover features

Some of my favourite features of the nztack rugs would have to be just how waterproof they are! It can be three days of torrential rain and every time I check, my horses are still warm and dry so it’s great to have peace of mind. 

The heavy duty clips on the rugs are great too, they hold really well and it means that even on my horses that are “paddock hoons”, they never come undone.

I also love the funky range of colours available! I can spot Eve in her bright pink rug from a mile away and she just about glows in the dark 😂

I love how well they fit my horses, the rugs fit true to size and the girls can always move comfortably.

I also like the affordability of the range. With regular discounts and sales as well as consistent cheaper options (whilst still quality products) the range of covers is super accessible for the quality of the rugs

Additionally, I think it’s great that nztack offers a 1 year warrantee on seams/ stitching for peace of mind when ordering a new cover. 

My rugging routine

My own horses live out year round as they are happiest that way, and so at the moment my rugging routine just ensures checking the temperature for the following day and going out to the paddock with some carrots to check the horses are warm enough/ not too hot. I have the nztack rugs on 24/7 at the moment with the weather, and find that their coats are still lovely and healthy underneath !

My top horse rug picks 

My favourite horse rugs would have to be the bonded fleece rug as I love its classy fit, and it looks nice in the stable at shows. The wick away mesh lining is also excellent as I can chuck the fleece on after a wash to dry them off. 🧼

My other favourite would have to be my Duke no fill! It is breathable, and so lightweight that you wouldn’t expect it to have the waterproofing that it does, but it always pulls through!

Love being a part of such a cool team 🤝

Photos Cornege Photography.