6 Reasons we love Eco Horse Grooming Products

6 Reasons we love Eco Horse Grooming Products

We know you love them too because Eco Horse's natural grooming products are just flying out the door here at nztack! When we looked at which NZ made equestrian brands we wanted to offer you, our lovely customers, Eco Horse was an obvious choice. Here's why.

1. Natural and toxin free

Eco Horse's creator, Kerry, was quite honestly a bit outraged when she first started picking up mainstream grooming products and reading labels. Parabens, silicones, preservatives, synthetic fragrances (many of which are neurotoxins), SLS, petrochemicals and more, are often included in the products we pay good money for and put on our horse's coats and hooves. She realised there was good reason for why her beloved horse, Baxter, suffered various skin conditions.

Every Eco Horse product is free from dangerous chemicals, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins - and basically any nasty toxins.

Eco Horse grooming products are made with wholesome natural ingredients - which means they are safe for your skin too, because when you're putting that thrush remedy on your horses hoof or silicone in their mane, it gets on you too.

2. 100% Made in New Zealand

All Eco Horse products are designed, tested and made in New Zealand. The labels are printed locally, and shipping is minimal, from North Auckland to your home. Even when you order from us, the delivery goes direct from Eco Horse Head Office to you. Now that's Eco!

3. OMG the scents!

Ok this might sound shallow but if you have smelled an Eco Horse product you know why we're excited - and if you haven't seriously you need to get some NOW so you can. YUM! From Pina Colada or Coconut Lime to Sweetpea and Vanilla - and the latest innovation Watermelon (!!), Eco Horse scents are fresh, delicious and never sickly sweet.

Our customers tell us that choosing the scent is the hardest part of buying an Eco Horse product.

4. These grooming products really, really work.

The shine factor on this range is just crazy - think gleaming coats and sparkling tails. From customers who use the Detangle & Shine spray to turn their horses manes and tails from 'gah' to 'wow' in a few minutes, to the professional showies who know every trick in the book for the ultimate turn out, Eco Horse is a sure fire winner.

Eco Horse customers report that a thick Friesian tail which normally takes 30 minutes is perfection in 5 minutes flat when they use the Leave-in Conditioner after washing and brush through.

The Detangle & Shine spray imparts an instant gloss, leaving manes and tails sparkling, smooth and soft and smelling incredible.

Using the Shampoo and the Hot Oil cleans and soothes even the most sensitive coats, helping get rid of heat and allergy rashes and general itchiness. 

5. Innovation baby

Heard of Hoof Clay? Now you have! Eco Horse created a eucalyptus based clay designed to combat thrush in hooves through natural antiseptic and antibacterial action. It's also ideal for filling old abscess holes to prevent re-infection, and for popping into cavities and cracks before shoeing.

Kerry at Eco Horse develops and trials all her formulas, with the aid of her trusty steed Baxter - who is currently regretting the fact that he has 4 white socks and is just perfect for testing whitening shampoos on!! We're joking, because we are pretty sure he loves all the pampering.

6. Packaging that loves the planet

Eco Horse products are almost all plastic free - the few things that need to be 'squeezable' are in recycled plastic bottles and Kerry is busy working on bringing in refill pouches so you can reuse as well. 

Everything else is in metal, glass or paper. That's quite a feat!


So what are you waiting for? Pop over and shop our Eco Horse range.  We know you'll love them as much as we do!


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